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Consortio is delighted to partner with a prestigious luxury cruise line to present an exceptional career opportunity aboard their distinguished fleet. This collaboration underscores our commitment to connecting premier professionals with elite roles in the maritime industry, ensuring unparalleled service and expertise.


We are seeking a highly skilled Staff Captain to join the shipboard Deck department. This pivotal role involves managing the Deck Department, ensuring the safety, welfare, and training of all staff, and maintaining the ship's stability and security. As the Deputy to the Master, the Staff Captain plays a crucial role in the overall operation and safety of the vessel.



  • Extensive experience in deck management, including monitoring, mentoring, and coaching navigation officers, safety officers, and deck crew.
  • Proficiency in overseeing bridge management, passage planning, and stability operations, ensuring compliance with the stability booklet and NAPA calculations.
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to conduct appraisals, manage inventory, and handle disciplinary actions in accordance with CBA/SQM policy.
  • In-depth knowledge of safety and security protocols, including familiarity with the ship’s “Emergency Plan,” “Muster List,” and “SQM.”
  • Excellent communication skills to liaise with onboard and shore-based teams, conduct training, and ensure a positive guest experience through regular interaction and event hosting.

If you feel like you are the perfecct fit for this role please apply for the role. I look forward to seeing your CV's.

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