About Us

If you wish to understand the core difference between us and many other agencies it is as simple as proactive vs reactive. 90% of the competition we go up against fall back on reactive sourcing methods such as advertising, using job boards and their internal database, we of course have these resources available to us as well, but what sets us apart from the rest is that we proactively target passive talent at our clients competitors, and use the longstanding relationships we have with this passive network to convince and persuade passive candidates to consider the exciting role at your business. This opens up a much wider talent pool for our clients than a conventional recruiter and is known as headhunting. 

Think of reactive sourcing and passive sourcing as being the two arms of recruitment. Consortio will always use both our arms, where as our competitors often leave one arm tied behind their backs. That coupled with our renowned honest and transparent approach makes us the right agency for you regardless of if you’re looking to hire…or get hired.