Our Clients

The most important thing to know about partnering with Consortio as your recruiter of choice, is that we are passionate about repeat business above all else. The levels of repeat business we gain proves to us we are a business our clients want to work with. We thrive on the feeling of knowing our clients trust us, and are keen to use us time after time.

To ensure we achieve this with our clients, we provide a bespoke recruitment service that ultimately derives from your needs. 

Please don’t simply call us and ask what services we provide. Tell us what your needs and challenges are; then we will tell you how we can accomplish what you require. If we aren’t able to deliver the service you’re looking for, expect us to be honest and inform you it’s just not what we’re best at. 

Our approach with our clients across all of our markets is to be transparent and honest (we hope that you will find this refreshing).