We want to hire you!

Well that was a bit strange wasn’t it? You were just handed a card out of the blue by someone you don’t know and you’re not even really sure why. Well the reason is simple. You are the kind of person we want to hire as a business!

We are quite sure you are likely enjoying the job you work in right now, but hey, it never hurts to look right?

Here are 4 great reasons to read more and think about applying to us

4 day working week!

We offer a 4 day working week to hard working employees. That means getting paid for 40 hours work but only doing 32! Imagine that…a 3-day weekend!


We offer industry leading training to people like you that have never worked in recruitment before. We expect you to just bring attitude and interest to the table. We will do the rest by putting you through our training academy.

Serious money!

We have people 3 years into their career earning £95,000 a year with us.


We are a very social business and like to celebrate success with meals out, fun activities and even trips abroad. One of our teams is heading to Miami this year for a party weekend to celebrate success!

Have We Caught Your Interest?