How will you train me?

We have a very detailed training program which is a leading scheme in the UK. It provides a balanced mix of recruitment theory alongside live day to day mentoring.

If you’re a born salesperson you will likely want to just get on with it! So, we believe in supporting you to learn on the job day by day.

Every person who joins the business will be allocated an experienced mentor as well as manager who will work closely with you to mould you into a fantastic recruiter. Through closely working with your manager and mentor you will embark on a 20-week training program to take you from zero to hero. By the end of the development program, you should be up and billing and taking home your first commission from the deals you have done. 


You will be closely reviewed during this first window of learning to make sure you don’t fail. If you fail, then we failed you! It’s critical to us we support our new hires and train them to thrive.




To give a good idea of how it feels to go through our training program read Glen’s words on how he came through our development program.

Glen joined the business from a background in sales and customer service from the F&B industry and has worked for the business for 4 years. He is one of our most senior and successful consultants.

Some Words From Glen

“One of the earliest things I remember about Consortio, and a feature that I felt made the company stand out against any business I had worked for before, was the time that the director and each of the senior staff members took to support and train me. Learning the market was one aspect, but more importantly Consortio invested quality time to ensure that I understood the ‘concept’ of recruitment and how this was much more than simply ‘finding somebody for a job’.

Learning how to do something properly takes time and this is what Consortio understands. During my time here, I can attest to the greatest success stories being those who reflect the company’s commitment to them and people that embrace a willingness to continually learn and apply what is so readily available to them.”

Internal jobs

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