As an experienced recruiter why should I join you?

A great question and one we are used to hearing all the time! We think we have some pretty excellent USP’s as to why we are a business to join and would sum them up as:

121 Mentoring
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4 Day Working Week
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Market Leading Commission
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Zero Thresholds
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Great examples of why you should join as an experienced hire are Rob and Tim’s story’s which show what can be achieved by working with us.

Rob worked for Hays and two smaller brands across a mixture of social care, HR and IT recruitment. He now works with us on one of our most technical markets Geotechnical and Environmental. Rob was billing £60k a year roughly before joining us. In the last 4 years with our business and mentoring 2021 was a £165k year for him.

Here are some thoughts from Rob

"After jumping around from company to company my next move was an important one; it was make or break for me staying in recruitment. I knew I could be a good recruiter; I just needed the help, direction, desk, and management to point me in the right direction. I’d been very honest with other companies before and knew I needed someone to help hone my skills and then been left to try and make it work on my own with some success, but not the levels I knew I could achieve. Working with the managers here in the early days to work out what was right for me made a massive difference and with his continued help over the last couple of years he’s helped me to be the recruiter I knew I could be, plus a good commission scheme means I’m finally earning decent money and being rewarded for the work I do which has allowed me to buy my first home, a new truck and puppy I really wanted!”

In Tim’s words

Before joining the business I had enjoyed a relatively successful start to my recruitment career however felt I had lacked the right drive and development needed and was coasting along ,  The main attraction with joining the company was personal development, Training and progression opportunities that they were able to offer and had a clear plan on how they would implement this.  I haven’t looked back since I joined and have enjoyed fantastic success over the last 5 years, together we have built a fantastic culture and team which is focussed on being successful and enjoying the rewards that comes with that. I am currently earning  the most I have ever earnt in recruitment and part of some incredible incentives to places such as Dubai, Miami, Dublin  and Cheltenham.



Tim has been with the business for just over 5 years. After joining as a Senior Consultant with 4 years previous recruiting experience within the engineering sector as a technical recruiter the business immediately saw potential in him. He had stagnated at other recruitment business’s where as over the last 5 years with our business he has been promoted 3 times to become a member of the senior management team managing a team of 6. Tim is a brilliant example of what can be achieved with his great egger attitude and our business’s aim to develop our people.

Internal jobs

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